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About Rob

Rob is the CEO and co-founder of Clarigence, an innovative diagnostic consulting firm that leverages science, technology, data and experience to improve the well-being and performance of organizations, and the people that make them thrive.

Rob is a growth entrepreneur and venture specialist with 20 years of International experience focusing on introducing innovation into highly competitive markets. He has launched two successful technology companies and a service company aimed at transforming our experiences globally. He has served as President of the Board of Directors for an industrial recycling equipment company and utilizes a unique pragmatic approach to implementing change and innovations. His passion lies in bringing innovation to the world through methodology, technology and products.

Rob has worked with the likes of Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, CERN, Formula 1, GE, McLaren, BMW, Rolls Royce and numerous others to implement transformational methodologies and technology.

About Clarigence:

The vast majority of organizational initiatives fail resulting in organizations waisting hundreds of millions of dollars on strategic initiatives that never achieve their intended outcome. This combined with the ever increasing pressure on leadership to achieve success has made it impossible to allocate the time needed to assess the internal systems, which are vital to achieving success. Clarigence believes in a better way.

They believe that through data-informed innovation organizational performance can be accelerated and then sustained. That engagement starts with communication, passion that drives people can be harnessed, and that nothing is impossible.

At the core of Clarigence is a performance a diagnostic called Performance IQTM This performance tool is used to evaluate and align complex business strategies, tactics and communication. Beyond the diagnostic, Rob and his experienced team design and implement corrective action, and then calibrate as needed. It is incredibly useful in situations where transitions occur, such as post-merger integrations, changes in executive management, or when companies are not hitting on all cylinders.

Leveraging behavioral science, technology, data and experience to improve organizational performance through data-driven alignment, Clarigence is the performance tool that will set you on the right course to achieve your long term objectives.

Clarigence Provides Value

  • Actionable intelligence into the Organization & Workforce
  • Quantitative and qualitative understanding of the organization
  • Data-driven framework that sustains organizational performance
  • Holistic approach to organizational performance and improvement
  • Accurate identification of gaps and limitations – both rational and emotional
  • Maximized workforce engagement through alignment and communication

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