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About Letty

Change Agent, Dedicated to Igniting the Professional Passion within Teams and Leaders

Letty’s mission is to facilitate the forward-thinking change that inspires my clients to their full potential. Simply put…I work to get you back to your passion.

Letty Sanchez serves as the Lead Business Strategist & Coach for AEM Executive Consultants. She brings over 20 years of experience as an Executive Leader driving sales, operations, and team development with consistent achievement in growth, performance, and profitability. Letty held several leadership positions across the country with AT&T as well as the private equity companies that purchased her division. She developed a reputation as a change agent, repeatedly called upon to turnaround territories on the brink of being shut down. During her time as an Executive Leader, she coached and developed teams from eight to forty-eight, creating top results that many had never achieved before by focusing on each individual’s strengths and specific motivators. Her ability to lead teams to success using strong collaborative and decisive leadership skills resulted in being ranked in the top 3% of the company in each of her respective regions with responsibility levels up to $45 Million in revenue.


About AEM Executive Consultants

Client-Focused Approach

AEM Executive Consultants partners with individuals who are seeking guidance and accountability to reach their best performance.  AEM provides a coaching approach tailored to the client’s needs from one-on-one coaching sessions, self-paced online learning through AEM Training Academy, and “on-call” support tailored to the client’s needs and goals. These approaches enable professionals of all levels to gain the skills they need to succeed and can be delivered to an entire business or tailored to an individual’s developmental goals. We have found repeatedly with our clients that when you don’t determine where you want to go, you allow yourself to be at the mercy of the circumstances at hand.


Business-Focused Approach

AEM Executive Consultants provides solutions to businesses who have industry knowledge and passion but lack insight into business execution. AEM’s methods and strategies for organizations across completely different industries have proven to be successful again and again as they focus on solving core business issues utilizing tailored approaches that address each specific business challenge. Clients are guided through establishing key performance metrics for success, aligning the business to drive towards these metrics, and personalized strategies and resources to make certain that the business stays the course, repeatedly resulting in profitability and success. Our business clients have found that AEM Training Academy is the extra level of support that many in the workforce are looking for today. Nearly 40% of today’s workforce is made up of a generation who wants training and development from their employer. This has been the difference between keeping an employee with a renewed skillset and energy or losing an employee to another business. The cost to replace an employee today is 20% of the annual salary, so development and investment is especially critical in today’s workforce climate. You must meet your team where they are to get them where you want them to go and AEM is equipped to do exactly that.


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