Brody Lee, MVP Business Podcast

You don’t want to miss or fast forward this episode. Get a pen and notepad. Brody shares a ton of great thoughts and advice.

I’ve been watching and learning from Brody Lee for years. His energy, tenacity, joy for life, compassion, and intense dedication to making a massive impact on the world are contagious and admirable. Brody helps coaches who are starting, struggling and scaling. Brody’s clients are consistently smashing it out of the park and achieving consistent $10k, $20k and even $60k months in their coaching businesses with multiple of his clients already on 6 figures and now scaling to 7 figures. One client even went from 0-$100k in just 7 Weeks.

In this episode of MVP Business, Brody shares his journey from leading teams at Apple, to near death from addition and overdose, back to the top…and to the outer reaches of the universe.

Listen until the very end to hear what Brody reveals as his next huge goal…which he’s already on track to achieve. ūüėČ

“Your burning desire to impact isn’t going to be enough. You have to find a message that hits a nerve and proves impact.”



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