Alexa Ramirez, Social Media Manager

Digital Media Strategist


Alexa loves music, all things Fall, and her furry pets. When she’s not creating content for clients, brainstorming and implementing new ideas, or staying up to date with business owners and team members, Alexa finds relaxation by catching up on her favorite YouTubers videos, surrounding herself with her loved ones, and picking up on the hobby she feels like doing for the day. Depending on her mood, some evenings she finds quiet time to read while on other evenings she is memorizing a new dance workout routine.Al

About Alexa

Alexa is an evolving unicorn in the marketing world. With a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing she approaches every client and every challenge with an open mind and a creative eye. She’s always eager to learn new things and overcome challenges and as such has developed a passion for effective social media strategy and management, photography, and video editing.