We begin by visualizing the ecosystem of your business and then we determine the opportunities for your organization to soar.

Most organizations think of their brand as the logo on their marketing materials, or their messaging and collateral. These are all important and necessary ingredients but In truth, your brand consists of every single touchpoint a customer, vendor, partner…or anyone has with your organization, the impression they walk away with, and how they communicate that brand experience to others. A snapshot and map of your brand expression provides the view every leader is looking for…seeing the forest, the trees, and how to empower your team to soar above it all.

Brand Experience Discovery

Digging deep through the soil and into the bedrock of your organization, we begin with a data-driven analysis of your internal systems and communications, providing you with the quantitative and qualitative knowledge that will tell us how you need to amend, bend, and transform.

Discover with Clarigence + VINE

  • Assessment of competitive footprint, organizational performance IQ, process review, and brand effectiveness
  • Conversations and collaboration with leadership, marketing, sales, staff, and distributors
  • Evaluation of existing content and sales materials
  • Essential message & values testing with key individuals
  • Testing of values-based communications for maximum team alignment

Your Brand Expression Snapshot is a Visualization of Your Brand and a Map for your Future.

This snapshot is the strategic and emotional foundation that will inform organizational decisions; from team growth, to service offering, office expansion, to brand actuation. It’s a cornerstone element, inspiring organizational flight, providing leadership and team alignment, and highlighting potential gaps.