A perfect blend of renewal, growth and clarity intermixed with pampering and reconnecting exercises. Our retreats and workshops are designed to help you connect and grow beyond the office and boardroom. Custom created for individuals and teams to blend wellness with productivity, our workshops and retreats set you up for extended growth of self and business.

For people and organizations who are:

  • Ready to say YES to your next steps
  • Overwhelmed by your current life status
  • Struggling to grow personally or professionally
  • Not sure how to keep your team aligned and passionate
  • Feel overworked & overstressed
  • Want more time for yourself
  • Not sure how to grow your business
  • Feel like you’re too “in the business”
  • Can’t clearly state your mission (and thus aren’t living it!)
  • Know your brand is not aligned to your mission

…Or are starting a new business and want to build a conscious brand and steer clear of the above.

We also curate workshop and retreats that are simply healing and restoring. Let us know your needs and we’ll take care of it!

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