HR is your best marketing tool

human resources and branding

Why HR for branding & culture? Okay, hear me out. I know that most people only work with the human resources department a few times throughout their career but what if I told you that they are the gateway to everything that matters in your organization? What if I told you that your HR team determines the success or failure of your business, the development of your products and services, and the direction of your brand? According to, “Human Resources [is] a critical piece to the branding process. From recruiting the necessary talented workforce to retaining high-performance employees, HR… Read more »

Transform & Thrive

Transform your business and Thrive

Ever wonder why certain companies seem to not only survive a downturn but even thrive? Some may say it’s luck or fortuitous product development. If you’re in the camp that thinks it’s luck you’re missing the big picture and a key opportunity to be in the winning position to thrive when the going gets tough. Either way, it’s never too late to improve your organization, transform it into a powerful machine, and thrive in good times and in bad. Leadership. Systems. People. Engagement.   Leadership You know that great leadership is the key to a long-lasting successful business. But what… Read more »

Your brand exists in the world

Brand in the world, Vine Collective

Your brand is your baby. It came from you and it still comes from you! The Big Idea It was a brilliant point of insight and inspiration! You figured out how to do it better, faster, or make a bigger impact. After staying up all through the night to write it out, making sure you aren’t crazy, you then muscled up the courage to tell people about your big idea. Some were excited, some didn’t understand, and some thought it was too big of a risk for you to attempt…and the idea persisted. The Building Whether you had people on… Read more »

Local SEO Primer: Why you need Google My Business

Colorful City Map Graphic

For local businesses, brand exposure is extremely important, not just when it comes to growth, but also to survival. It’s why local SEO (search engine optimization) is so essential. Local SEO is what allows you to attract local leads like potential customers in your area who are searching for specific products and services. In the recent past, this applied to people who were roving about town looking for something to eat or to buy, but these days it’s more of a search they either do from home or via mobile with more specific intent given quarantine and social distancing rules. … Read more »

Leadership | Reflect + Realign: Restart your business for success

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Have you been feeling like you’re constantly running into obstacles lately? 2020 started out with a bang and the bombs have been dropping ever since. You may not have control over what is happening in the world but you do have control over how you manage your thoughts, your business, your employees, and your relationships. This time of turmoil may be the greatest opportunity you have for success. Don’t let it pass you by, but don’t over control or complicate it either. These three steps will be your secret to ongoing success, no matter the outside circumstances. 1. Reflect To… Read more »

Leadership | Planning Your Day Differently

Waves Crashing Against Cliffs

How do you plan for your day when all of your plans went out the window with the pandemic shut down? You can’t expect yourself to keep on going the same way you were before shelter in place, homeschooling, and never-ending stay-at-home-parenting. It’s okay to wake up and wonder, “what the fuck am I going to do today?” It’s okay to not have a plan yet. It’s okay to be totally annoyed by all of the messages telling you to pivot, think differently, and keep hustling.  Here’s the truth, only you know what’s best for you, your business, and your… Read more »