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About Justin

Brand wiz, Thought leader, Author.

My mission is to reflect back to everyone I meet their value, Justin says. This mission is largely fueled by his root belief: When you connect to your soul, everything changes.

Justin is the co-founder of Root + River, which operates from the belief that every great brand is a spiritual experience. Together with his business partner Emily Soccorsy, Root + River has become the rebel child of the branding world, helping Fortune 500 leaders, defiantly driven marketers, small business owners and everyone in between, practice a new modern way of branding. Justin is most comfortable on a stage, where he commands a room with his pithy wisdom, wisecrack jokes and no-fluff style to challenge everyone to look inward. The course of history can be changed, he says, with a single well-delivered speech.

When he’s not co-leading Root + River or keynoting, Justin is an artist. His creativity manifests in many forms, including writing and sharing his signature #musings, mentoring, songwriting, blogging on Medium and LinkedIn and any other medium that allows him to share his heart unapologetically and freely with the world.

Hear More from Justin on MVP Business.

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