Justin Foster, Root + River

About Justin

Brand wiz, Thought leader, Author, Coach.

My mission is to reflect back to everyone I meet their value, Justin says. This mission is largely fueled by his root belief: When you connect to your soul, everything changes.

Justin Foster believes that consciousness changes the dynamics of power and that love never looks away.

After many years as a brand coach, this belief inspired Justin to co-found Massive, a coaching practice dedicated to supporting CEOs and founders who are called to use their status and brand to take on systemic change. Along a journey that began on a cattle ranch in eastern Oregon, Justin has spent two decades providing unconventional and often heretical strategic coaching to leaders in every sector and industry.

Utilizing a combination of wisdom and wit, Justin is adept at translating what the souls of leaders are trying to express to the world. His gifts of strategic intuition and mastery of language have built his reputation for always uncovering the perfect words to say in any situation. His love for language extends beyond the business world as a poet, essayist, and songwriter – and as the published author of four books. Justin is a sought-after international speaker noted for his directness, pithiness, and folksy style of speaking. He is a vocal advocate for neurodiversity, conscious masculinity, and mental health.

In his coaching, writing, and speaking, Justin seeks to inspire others to go inward, embrace the mystery, and show the world who they truly are. Justin lives in Austin, TX with his partner and their son and also has two grown children and two grandchildren. He loves deep conversations, great coffee, good bourbon, and real country music.

Justin’s creativity manifests in many forms, including writing and sharing his signature #musings, mentoring, songwriting, blogging on Medium and LinkedIn and any other medium that allows him to share his heart unapologetically and freely with the world.

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