Steph Silver, Speaker, Consultant

About Steph

Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Speaker, Coach

Leadership is about more than growth and production. It’s about being the guiding force towards a greater mission, and getting everyone to passionately ride that wave with you.

– Steph Silver


Steph Silver is on a mission to enhance as many lives as possible through cultivating meaningful and memorable experiences in work and in life. 

After more than 20 years as a leader in sales, marketing, and brand experience, she knows that a business is its brand and a brand is only as good as the people who are passionate enough to push it forward and clear enough to stay true to the mission.

Through the Vine Collective Explore, Experience, Connect process, Steph is able to help organizations:

  • Uncover gaps in personal and organizational growth
  • Bring joy back to work
  • Align teams with their purpose
  • Build meaningful and lasting brands
  • Exercise a holistic approach to individual and organizational performance
  • Maximize workforce engagement through alignment and communication
  • Provide hand-held brand development that aligns to organizational purpose

The result of this process is a complete brand and customer experience that empowers meaningful changes and achieves real results.

Her Passion:

Steph uses her desire for human connection, authentic experiences, and profound growth to train, educate, and amplify leaders and businesses who live through their mission, vision, and passion. You can hear her chat with other passionate business leaders on MVP Business Podcast. She’s driven to build relationships and help people grow, succeed, and connect.

When she’s not managing her team, visiting with clients, or thinking of brilliant brand experiences, Steph can usually be found cooking, gardening, dancing, or playing with her two sons – which now includes dare devil mountain biking and trampolining.

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