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About Steph

Brand Maven, Speaker, Author, & Transformational Abundance Coach

Every day is an opportunity to experience something beautiful and amazing.
Let’s seize that opportunity together.
– Steph Silver


Steph Silver is on a mission to enhance as many lives as possible through cultivating meaningful and memorable experiences in work and in life. 

Through the Vine Collective Explore, Experience, Connect process, Steph is able to help individuals and organizations:

  • Move past fear and anxiety into peaceful progress
  • Overcome times of great transition or loss
  • Uncover gaps in personal and organizational growth
  • Bring joy back to work through connecting to the heart
  • Align teams with their purpose
  • Build meaningful and lasting brands
  • Exercise a holistic approach to individual and organizational performance
  • Maximize workforce engagement through alignment and communication
  • Provide hand-held brand development that aligns to organizational purpose

Steph is amazingly funny and super powerful.

-Steve Harper

Steph Silver savors the little things wherever she goeslike flowers in a field, sunlight through the trees, or sounds of laughter. Moving more than thirty times before she was eighteen, traversing between campgrounds, fully furnished homes, and homeless shelters, Steph used her optimism and grit to rise to a place of comfort, peace, and personal success. She is now on a mission to enhance as many lives as possible and to help humans thrive.

Her first book, Anywhere, USA is a memoir that reveals some dark sides of a turbulent childhood while shining light and optimism at every turn. Despite close calls with disasters, both natural and man-made, Steph believes that if she is good enough, strong enough, or works hard enough, one day she’ll become worthy of the love and security she seeks. Who she ultimately chooses to become and if she’ll transcend her circumstances are questions Steph must answer for herself more than once in this gripping coming of age story.

Steph founded VINE Collective in 2018. Through individual and team coaching & advisory, retreats, public speaking, and brand work, VINE cultivates meaningful and memorable experiences that bring forth the most exceptional versions of each person and/or their brand. 

Steph also uses her desire for human connection, authentic experiences, and profound growth to train, educate, and amplify leaders and businesses who live through their mission, vision, and passion as host of MVP Business Podcast. She’s deeply driven to build relationships and help people grow, succeed, and connect. 

When she’s not managing her team, visiting with clients, or connecting with friends, Steph can usually be found cooking, gardening, dancing, or mountain biking with her two sons.

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Steph Silver is a skillful speaker. Her powers of observation, of the natural world and of the people around her, are deep and original. But her real quality is her ability to look beyond people’s surface capabilities and actions to understanding the reasons they act as they do.
-Georgia Raysmond


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