What does it take to be an MVP Leader?

You started your business with a purpose in mind and a mission to make an impact and do things better. Sure, you’ve struggled, (who hasn’t) but you continue to work hard to put your customers and your team at the top of your list of priorities and your purpose at the center.


VINE Leadership DiamondLeadership defines the brand. Purpose propels the people.

Every great brand is rooted in solid, purpose-driven leadership and is propelled to soar through a clear vision. As your business matures, grows, and hits unpredictable hurdles it’s natural to get pushed off track, loose footing from the original mission of the business, or stumble through messaging, marketing, and day to day management. The true mark of an MVP leader is what decisions you make during those struggles, and how you manage the team to get to through them.

If you find yourself on the other side of a struggle and growth with confidence that you tried your best to stay true to the mission, your team is still loyal to you, even if you had to let a few of them go, and you’re proud of the work and products being created, you’re probably an MVP leader.


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