Steve Harper

Steve Harper, author of The Ripple Effect, and I talk about strengthening and deepening the power of connections. He explains how his unique and refreshing approach is changing and impacting organizations and even society.

“It’s really important and critical to help people get better at connecting with one another and in creating and looking for those opportunities to create those positive ripples.” – Steve Harper


In this episode, you will learn:

·       The rippling effect of connections

·       How to maintain a high level of company culture

·       Hire people who have the same dedication

·       Take feedback in a positive manner

·       Practices Steve does to stay connected

·       And much more!


About Steve Harper:


A serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, author, and leading business strategist, Steve Harper has successfully uncovered the secret to creating powerful, long-lasting connections and their impact on one’s personal and professional life.

Over his thirty-year career, Steve has maintained a unique focus on developing strong, long-lasting connections with his clients, prospects, employees, and friends. He’s honed his unique ability to foster relationships into a strategy for achieving solid business success. That strategy, represented in his book The Ripple Effect, is the backbone of his signature 8 Minute Ripple events, speaking, podcasts, courses, coaching, and online communities.

Steve’s unique and refreshing approach to how and why individuals, organizations, and even our society must reach outside the box to connect is changing lives and impacting corporate bottom line dollars.


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UPG Video

Since 2008, UPG Video has been pursuing great relationships, great stories and thoughtfully-crafted video content. Their approach has always put their client at the center of the process. While they lead the way, it’s the client that is the expert on her brand. They use that insight to create an emotional connection that will drive demand or the desired outcome. They have a detail-oriented project management style and strive to make themselves irreplaceable.

Here are just a few of the brands UPG has worked with and created stellar – connecting videos for over the years.

Intel, Samsung, W2O Group, BP3, Mama Fu’s Asian House, Renewal by Anderson, Texas Oncology, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, KAMMOK, Grande Cable, The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation , Rapid7, Merck, OpenStack, Amplify Credit Union, 3 Day Startup, 21CT, Ed-Fi Alliance and Skyword.