Dr. Debbie Silver on MVP Business Podcast

Joining this podcast for the second time, Dr. Debbie Silver shares about how the pandemic affected one of her life’s mission and passion – Education. Tune in to this episode with Steph Silver and Debbie Silver as they talk about education, the things we lost due to online learning, the new system post pandemic, how to enter the 2022/23 school year with joy, and more!

Outline of the Episode:

·       The shift from academics-focus to wellness-focus

·       The things we lost due to online learning

·       Expressing oneself without being inappropriate

·       The best way to empower our children

·       The positive approach for this new phase of learning


About Debbie Silver:

Dr. Debbie Silver is a brilliantly funny, beautifully insightful, and boldly authentic speaker, author, and educator. She has dedicated her life to understanding learning and growth behavior and has become a world-renowned and empowering speaker. Debbie is one of the most sought after presenters for professional development in education!


Through her research, her outreach, and her humor, Debbie seeks to help teachers find the joy in the daily job of teaching so that children can embrace the satisfaction and pride of knowledge, growth, and self-worth.


With 30 years spent as a teacher, staff development instructor, and university professor, Dr. Silver doesn’t just know her way around the classroom – she is deeply familiar with the challenges educators face at every level, from kindergarten through college. One of the nation’s most popular keynote speakers and professional development presenters, this former Louisiana State Teacher of the Year has given presentations around the world (including 49 states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Africa, and Asia), helping audiences to interact with students on a more meaningful level.


While inspiring educators to enjoy the job they once loved, she reminds them of how important they are in the lives of children, their families, and the world. Through her writing and her speaking, she highlights relevant and tested learning theory and tools for communication. She makes essential points while sharing poignant stories and lots of laughs. Debbie firmly believes that teachers need to be having fun and staying in touch with their passion to make their biggest impact in the classroom.


When she’s not working as an educational speaker and writer, Debbie enjoys spending time in Texas with her husband, Dr. Lawrence Silver, and spending time with their 5 sons and their families who live in 5 different states.


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