Ben Cecil, MVP Business

“We thought we knew, but holy crap we didn’t”

When the tech bubble burst, it shook a lot of those who didn’t anticipate the challenge that came after. The glory went away for a while, but that also opened doors to some. In this episode, Ben Cecil shares his journey of how he fell in love and fell out of love with working in broadcast news and how he got started with UPG Video. He shares what made UPG, since 2008, become an irreplaceable brand in the video and business scene.

This episode covers:

·       How 9/11 impacted Ben Cecil

·       Star Wars/Business is about the heroes and the struggles, not the lightsabers and fight scenes

·       Ben Cecil on onboarding a business coach

·       Life is a series of changes—the scary and the beautiful

About Ben Cecil:  

Ben began his career as a TV news writer/producer and quickly transitioned to the branding side of the media business. He decided to get serious about digital storytelling in 2009 and helped get UPG off the ground. For the last 9 years, Ben has led UPG in the pursuit of engaging branded content, cinematic storytelling, and an elite client experience. He’s also the Executive Producer, making sure the team has what it needs to succeed for the client. Ben is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and smokes approximately six briskets a year.


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