Ivey Kaiser, MVP Business Podcast

Ivey is passionate about preserving natural spaces and resources. Her personal goal is to instill this passion in others and provide simple and accessible ways for others to make a difference in their lives to protect the environment and wildlife.

In this episode we learn more about the efforts of the conservancy, inspiration and life changing summer that set Ivey on her path to her passion, as well as the practices Ivey has put in place for her life to continue to serve and life her purpose.

Shoal Creek Conservancy is a proud steward of the 13-square-mile Shoal Creek watershed in Austin, Texas. They champion the Shoal Creek watershed in order to create a healthy and vibrant community. 

The Shoal Creek watershed provides an oasis in a rapidly growing urban area, and members of the conservancy believe that with thoughtful investment, this natural treasure can better benefit our ecology, economy, and enjoyment of the outdoors.

This is a truly beautiful and successful public/private partnership.