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Heath Tolleson and Kristin McDermott share their story and passions to start their business partnership. Their passions  stem from the power of connections through timeless clothing, garments, and art. Named after Heath’s grandfather, Jack Felix Tolleson, the two have created an atmosphere where stories can be shared and experienced through friends, family, and community.

The goal at Felix T. Jack is to provide individual and effortless experiences with unique, small-batched, artisan-crafted clothing, accessories, and furnishings that are truly one of a kind. Both owners believe in supporting sustainable, long lasting, responsible garments and textiles. Heath and Kristin hand select the companies and items they want to work with and represent. Whether its hand stitched and sewn denim jeans from New York, cut and crafted duffels from Charleston, SC, each piece has its own story tell.

Felix T. Jack works with some of the most respected names in the independent fashion community. Brands that Felix T. Jack have partnered with such as Tellason, Slightly Alabama, Glenn’s Denim to name a few, all share the ethos of what is known as “Slow Fashion” which is defined as:  quality-based rather than time-based. Slow fashion pioneer brands and designers note that the movement encourages slower production, unifying sustainability with ethics, and ultimately invites consumers to invest in well-made and lasting clothes. Felix T. Jack wants to bring the concept of sustainable men’s fashion to the Texas Hill Country by introducing brands that are changing the industry everyday through positive and honest efforts. Felix T. Jack is located at 13210 RR12 in Wimberley, TX and store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10am-5pm and open by appointment Sunday and Monday. Please reach out through Facebook or Instagram and visit our website at www.felixtjack.com.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Putting fear on the back burner starts with faith and excitement about what you’re doing.
  • What is slow fashion, and why it’s important
  • The process of opening a high-end clothing store in Wimberley, Texas
  • The value of business partnership

 “It all starts with taking an opportunity to invest in yourself.”

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