Jeff Munn on MVP Business

Jeff Munn helps frustrated leaders step into a more authentic version of themselves and their mission. In this episode he discusses his journey from being a corporate attorney to actually enjoying life and helping others discover and reach for their passions.

Jeff came a point in his career where he sensed that he could help more people by being who he is than by doing what he knew. To step into that, he had to let go of the safety of the corporate identity he had always hidden behind, and step into a more authentic and powerful version of himself. While he knew he had to do it, he was also terrified to let go of the career that had treated him so well.

Jeff has taken those key insights of his own transformation and created a proprietary process, “Creating Extraordinary Futures,” that helps frustrated executives take the leap into the bigger mission that’s calling them. Drawing from both ancient wisdom traditions and modern neuroscience, he points people toward that part of them that has no fears or limitations, and that is the source of all creativity and connection.

In this episode Jeff and Steph discuss the common hamster wheels of fear and doubt that we get on and how to get off the wheel and enjoy life.

“We don’t see that we’ve made up the rules for success in our own head and then judged ourselves for not meeting them.”

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UPG Video

Since 2008, UPG Video has been pursuing great relationships, great stories and thoughtfully-crafted video content. Their approach has always put their client at the center of the process. While they lead the way, it’s the client that is the expert on her brand. They use that insight to create an emotional connection that will drive demand or the desired outcome. They have a detail-oriented project management style and strive to make themselves irreplaceable.

Here are just a few of the brands UPG has worked with and created stellar – connecting videos for over the years.

Intel, Samsung, W2O Group, BP3, Mama Fu’s Asian House, Renewal by Anderson, Texas Oncology, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, KAMMOK, Grande Cable, The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation , Rapid7, Merck, OpenStack, Amplify Credit Union, 3 Day Startup, 21CT, Ed-Fi Alliance and Skyword.