Brent & Karen on MVP Business

Brent and Karen Looby were happily successful a military man and senior research associate and teacher until Brent retired and wanted to do something fun and meaningful.

In this episode of MVP Business we discuss their journey of opening a liquor business steeped in Texas history and how that transitioned into starting a non-profit organization that restores Texas lands.

After a lot of research and education, they opened Desert Door Distillery in Driftwood, Texas, where they craft and distill Sotol. Their brand and company pillars are Originality, Authenticity & Connection and the best and most authentic way Karen found to embody that was to start a 501c3 that restores Texas lands. Starting with local partnerships with businesses like Spoke Hollow, they quickly soared and landed a partnership with Texan By Nature, a non-profit founded by Laura Bush.

Did you know that Sotol has been around for almost 300 years, making it one of the worlds first consumed spirits, according to documentation?

In this episode discuss:

  • Doing Your Research before Starting A Business
  • Creating a Truly Unique Experience and Brand
  • Following Your Heart in Business
  • Taking Care of and Giving Back to the Environment

“We didn’t want to be the generation that sits idly by and let things go by without positive change.”

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