Ruoyun Killian, MVP Business Podcast

As the founder of C3Nami, Ruoyun works with her team to empower small and medium sized businesses to connect and build relationships with their fans online.

In this episode, Ruoyun discusses human centered social/digital marketing, emphases the need to approach social with strategy and calm – there is rarely a true social media crisis that needs to be acted on or responded to immediately. Ruoyun also opens up and shares personal life stories and philosophies that can help anyone through the most difficult times of life and business.

When she’s not hard at work—which, let’s be honest, isn’t that often—Ruoyun is also a writer, video gamer, professional speaker, mentor, and research nerd, and artist. An Austin native with family from all over the world, she speaks five languages and welcomes any opportunity to keep her Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and French sharp through conversation.