Aziz Azarifi: MVP Business Guest

Join me and my guest, Aziz Azarifi, co-founder of MedBar, as we talk about scaling profitable businesses and startups in the natural food arena. He shares his motivation behind MedBar and why he is passionate about investing in food startups.


“To achieve something, you have to sacrifice something.” – Aziz Azarifi


In this episode, you will learn:

·       Childhood influences and role models

·       The value of time

·       Entrepreneurial spirit

·       Life in perspective

·       Everyone has an impact on the world

·       And much more!


A global traveler passionate about history, cultures, and food, Aziz is no stranger to exotic tastes and authentic experiences. Backed by 20+ years of executive experience in the food industry across multiple countries, he decided to share his food passion with as many people as possible and decided that MedBar would be the way.


He believes a food revolution is taking place across the world, and he can contribute to its success by stretching the realm of flavors and tastes accessible to US consumers.


In addition to his commitments with MedBar, Aziz enjoys coaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs across various industries. His motto is, “The journey is the reward.”


Next project? Promoting the benefits of authentic flavors and nutrition within school canteens.


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