Ward Tisdale, MVP Business Podcast

Ward is an incredibly accomplished executive with 20 years of management experience at high-profile companies, including President of the Real Estate Council of Austin, Director of Global Public Affairs for AMD as well as the Deputy Press Secretary for the Texas Attorney General. He has experience leading programs, policies and initiatives across the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, China and India and has built strong relationships with elected officials, federal, state and local agencies and the general public. Basically, he’s a power house and he’s using his powers for good.

Ward is now the founder and executive director of an advocacy organization designed to train and educate candidates for local politics – The Center for Austin’s Future. The center has been featured numerous times by NPR, Austin Monthly, Austin Business Journal and many others for its innovative approach to training future candidates.

The Center launched in October 2017 with its initial offering, the ATXelerator program. The innovative, annual 3-month program recruits and trains community leaders interested in advocating for future-focused, forward-thinking city policy, serving on a city board or commission or, in some instances, running for city council. The first cohort was in 2018 and the third just finished its program last month.

They now have 75 alumni, with at least 10 graduates serving on city boards and commissions and two grads who have run or are currently running for city council.

In this interview Ward and Steph discuss the current dynamics in leadership and what it takes to be a great leader.