Human Centered Design

Sketch Notes

What makes a “good design”?  Is it pretty, cool, trendy? Some claim to know good design when they see it. Others think that as long as it gets the concept and details across, it’s doing the job. Throughout my career I’ve seen some companies balk at the price… Read more »

Turn Purpose Into Profit

Stair Steps With Text Overlay Saying "Purpose, Profit".

There’s a common misconception in the business world that if passion is leading the business, it must be a non-profit. That one must choose either profit or purpose. In truth, most businesses begin from a passion and a vision to improve upon an element of life. On,… Read more »

Benefit From A Business Retreat

Colleagues Spending Time Outside of Work

Keep Your Business On Track The best way to ensure your business stays on track, continuing to align to and achieve your goals and dreams, is to set aside time to evaluate your efforts. When you invest in a business retreat you’ll watch your team advance. Most successful… Read more »

How Do I Grow a Thriving Business?

Photograph with text overlay saying "The Answers Start From Within."

Every business owner and manager asks themselves some version of this question on a regular basis – or they should. The first step may be to open your browser in incognito mode so that no one will know that you’ve asked Google how to grow your business. I… Read more »

A Mission to Grow Profits and Communities

A City Made of Green Plants

Regenerating tired land, reducing carbon emissions, creating jobs , and improving food security and public health are just a few of the vast benefits of urban farming. In cities where a lack of access to healthy food can create health disparities in the form of heart disease, diabetes,… Read more »