Waves Crashing Against Cliffs

How do you plan for your day when all of your plans went out the window with the pandemic shut down? You can’t expect yourself to keep on going the same way you were before shelter in place, homeschooling, and never-ending stay-at-home-parenting. It’s okay to wake up and wonder, “what the fuck am I going to do today?” It’s okay to not have a plan yet. It’s okay to be totally annoyed by all of the messages telling you to pivot, think differently, and keep hustling. 

Here’s the truth, only you know what’s best for you, your business, and your family right now. Letting fear tell you to frantically do more isn’t in integrity with your inner leader. Instead of trying to figure out how to pivot your business or meet some arbitrary expectation of teaching and parenting while also working, take a minute each morning to go inside yourself and plan how you want to BE instead of what you’re going to DO. Check-in with your WHY and ask how you can show up in alignment with your why as you interact first with yourself, then with your family, and then with your colleagues and clients. If you aren’t in integrity with your inner why and your deeper values, then what you DO won’t make the impact your fear is telling you it needs to make. Lean into the leadership of BEING instead of DOING and say yes to actions that align with your internal state of flow.

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